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Liu H, Wu S, Lee H, Baudo G, Massaro M, Zhang A, Hamilton DJ, Blanco E. Polymer-functionalized mitochondrial transplantation to plaque macrophages as a therapeutic strategy targeting atherosclerosis. Adv Ther, 2022; 5(5): 2100232.

Wu S, Zhang A, Li S, Chatterjee S, Qi R, Segura-Ibarra V, Ferrari M, Gupte A, Blanco E,* Hamilton DJ*. Polymer functionalization of isolated mitochondria for cellular transplantation and metabolic phenotype alteration. Adv Sci, 2018; 5(3):1700530. *Share senior/corresponding authorship

Segura-Ibarra V, Cara FE, Wu S, Iruegas-Nunez DA, Wang S, Ferrari M, Ziemys A, Valderrabano M, Blanco E. Nanoparticles administered intrapericardially enhance payload myocardial distribution and retention. J Control Release, 2017; 262:18-27.

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Ruiz-Esparza GU, Wu S, Segura-Ibarra V, Cara FE, Evans KW, Milosevic M, Ziemys A, Kojic M, Meric-Bernstam F, Ferrari M, Blanco, E. Polymer nanoparticles encased in a cyclodextrin complex shell for potential site- and sequence-specific drug release. Adv Funct Mater, 2014; 24(30):4753-4761.

Blanco E, Hsiao A, Ruiz-Esparza GU, Landry MG, Meric-Bernstam F, Ferrari M. Molecular-targeted nanotherapies in cancer: enabling treatment specificity. Mol Oncol, 2011; 5(6):492-503.

Blanco E, Hsiao A, Mann AP, Meric-Bernstam F, Ferrari M. Nanomedicine in cancer therapy: innovative trends and prospects. Cancer Sci, 2011; 102:1247-1252.

Editorials/commentaries highlighting research

Article entitled “Nanoparticles administered intrapericardially enhance payload myocardial distribution and retention” (J Control Release, 2017, 262) focus of editorial:

  Park, K. Enhanced intrapericardial drug delivery by PLGA nanoparticles. J Control Release 2017, 262, 357-357

Article entitled “Colocalized delivery of rapamycin and paclitaxel to tumors enhances synergistic targeting of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway” (Mol Ther, 2014, 22[7]) focus of editorials:

  Alexis, F. Nano-polypharmacy to treat tumors: coencapsulation of drug combinations using nanoparticle technology. Mol Ther 2014, 22, 1239-1240

  Blanco E. Nanoparticle-based polychemotherapy: optimizing drug synergy for efficacious cancer treatment. Ther Deliv 2014, 5, 737-739.